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The Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act does not allow for ex-officio members.

Its's 2011.  Do you Know Where Your Investments Are?- Published November 2011

New Beginnings The Canada Not-For-Profit Corporation Act
- Published November 2011

New Rules for Canadian Municipalities and Foreign Universities
- Published November 2011

Contents of Charitable Receipts
- Published November 2011

Life In Interesting Times
- Published October 2011

Ontario Property Tax Exemption for Charities Not a Fait Accompli
- Published October 2011

Please Submit Draft Trust Agreement 
- Published October 2011

Legal Advice for Charities Creates Conundrum for Lawyers- Published October 2011

The Other New Act in Town- Published September 2011

Hitting the Reset Button - Interest Relief for Reassessed Donors- Published September 2011

Beware of Creating Life Tenancies in the Family Home- Published August 2011

Proposed Electronic Commerce Protection- Published August 2011

Hidden Implications of Using Compliance Agreements - Published July 2011

Do your programs entitle families to a tax credit
- Published July 2011

Written Resolutions in Lieu of Meetings
- Published July 2011

Losses by Charities Create Conundrums -  Published July 2011

Schedule VII Universities and Friends- Published June 2011

New Regime for Federal Not for Profits- Published June 2011

Domestic Intermediaries- Published June 2011

Pandora's Box of Charitable Donation Incentives- Published June 2011

Bill C-28 Canada's Anti-Spam Law- Published June 2011

Signficant Changes to Boards of Directors
 - Published May 2011

Alter Ego Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts
- Published May 2011

Blog Membership - Published May 2011

Complicated, Confusing and Costly Consequences - Published May 2011

Giving Charities the Benefit of the Doubt
- Published May 2011

Forewarned is Forearmed - Published May 2011

Are you now or have you ever been a soliciting corporation?
- Published May 2011

Filing Returns for Non-Profits
 - Published May 2011

Spring Cleaning
- Published April 2011

Two Steps Forward One Step Back- Published April 2011

CRA deals with DQ Examples 
-  Published April 2011

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
- Published April 2011

Electioneering Again
- Published April 2011

Immediate Revocation is an Access to Justice
- Published March 2011

The Artist's Resale Right: A Latecomer to Bill C-32?
 - Published March 2011

Filing Returns for Non-Profit Organizations  - Published March 2011

Overview of Not For Profit Corporations Act
 - Published February 2011

An Overlooked Source of Major Donations
 - Published February 2011

A Minute on Minutes - Published February 2011

Charities and Tandem Entities -  Published February 2011

Planning to Visit Alberta and ask for Money? - Published January 2011

Bill C-470: Down but Not Out
 - Published January 2011

Charities Directorate Plans for 2011
- Published January 2011

The View from the Mountaintop - Published January 2011

The Tax Treatment of Corporate Sponsorships
- Published November 2010

CRA Opines on Bequests- Published November 2010

Starving Artist: Not Just A Figure of Speech- Published November 2010

When Words Fail...The Importance of Getting it Right at the End
 - Published October 2010

Flexibility on Charitable Tax Credit Use - Published October 2010

Shining a Light on the Unknown; The Coming of the CNFPCA - Published October 2010

Trusts as an Organizational Option - Published September 2010

When the CRA pits the Charity against the Donor
 - Published September 2010

Making a Citizen's Arrest
- Published August 2010

Directing Fees to a Charity
- Published August 2010

Fighting It Out - New Forums in the Corporate NFP Act- Published August 2010

Briefly Noted in July
 - Published August 2010

NFPs Can't Even Give it Away - Published August 2010

Tax Wars: The Client Strikes Back - Published August 2010

Losing Not for Profit Status
 - Published July 2010

Corporate Benefits
 - Published July 2010

Not for Profit Bankruptcy The Case of Kawartha Native Housing Society - Published July 2010

New Ontario Not for Profit Corporations Act
 - Published May 2010

Upholding Human Rights - New CRA Policy
 - Published May 2010

Operating Interprovincially - Published May 2010

The Tax Man Cometh - Considerations for Charities on the HST - Published May 2010

Key Non-Profit Requirement Discussed by the CRA
- Published May 2010

The Value of a Donated Life Insurance Policy - Published April 2010

Bad Legal Drafting Means no Charitable Tax Credits - Published February 2010

Land Transfer Tax in Ontario and Manitoba Change - Published April 2010

Ghost of Disbursement Quotas Past - Thoughts on the March 2010 Budget. 

New Area of Director's Liability - Published on February 25, 2010

Fundraising in Ontario - Published on 31, 2010

Prescribed Foreign Universities - Published on January 31, 2010

2009 An interesting year - Published December 2009

Economic Situation has a Magnified Affect on Charities - January 2009

 Insuring Financial Success - Donating Life Insurance - December 2007

Disputes with the CRA - Published June 2006

A Newsletter on Newsletters - Published June 2006

Canadian Charities Operating Overseas - Published May 2006

Fundraising in Ontario - Published January 2010
Foreign Membership Fees - Published December 2009

Minutes of Meeting - Published September 2009

CRA Guidance on Fundraising - Published July 2009

Remuneration and the Income Tax Act - Published January 2009

National Arts Service Organizations - Published 2008

Non Profits Grace Period Expires - Published May 2008

What Are Books and Records - Published February 2008

Tax Executives Have Questions As Do We - Published December 2007

Gift of Life Insurance - Published September 2007

Letting Go Is Hard To Do - Published February 2007

Ten Percent Rule Offers Poor Protection - Published October 2006

Anonymous Gifts Get Tax Relief - Published August 2006